Terms and Conditions

Mobile Connection with Active SIM

We would like to inform you that this facility of providing free SIM card is only available to our registered members who are Landing/Arriving at IGI(Indira Gandi International Airport, Delhi) or any other place in Delhi for the period of 30 days and it will be a zero balance SIM card. If you would ask us and pay us for the Recharge/Top-up the SIM card we will do it within no time.
You have to return it to us while making your departure from India at the Airport.
In case you lose it nothing to worry just inform us about it(No cost).


You can claim the refund anytime before you start your journey to India. The Bank/Payment gateway applicable transactional charges would be deducted from the amount and rest would be sent to you accordingly.

Response Time

Kindly note that while being in India you may come across a problem wherein you need our physical presence. We will surely reach you as fast as we can and meanwhile, we will also make some alternative arrangements so that someone from the local Police comes in for your help as soon as possible.
Delay in reaching you from our end could be because of some unavoidable circumstances, i.e., Roadblock, Break-down of transportation of our rescue team, Weather Conditions, Network Failure,(Since we are also human beings as such something could also go wrong with us too) god forbid.
Since you are a member of our IndiaBlu family, so a family is always with its member(s).

Individual Responsibility

Every individual is bound by the law of the land (India). We shall not be responsible if you indulge in any illegal activities.

Legal Assistance

In case you require any form of legal assistance we shall provide you with the services of reputed lawyers – these services will be chargeable on actual.

Chargeable Services

In case of medical emergency we shall provide you with the necessary assistance and direct you to the nearest hospital/doctor – however, these services will be chargeable on actual.

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