Mobile Connection with SIM card

We have the facility to provide you a local active SIM card for your personal use while you're in India without any additional cost. You can top it up (Recharge) as per your usage. It will amount to cost savings as this facility shall be using the Internet vs usage of your Country SIM. This SIM would have to be surrendered at the time of departure from India.


In case of theft/ loss of any of your personal belongings or travel documents- like passport, you may be required to lodge a police complaint. We will help you to go through the procedure smoothly and hassle-free so as to save your time We will also help you in getting your passport issued in duplicate by the concerned Embassy. We will do all the follow-ups with concerned authorities and ensure that the matter reaches a conclusive end.

Unfortunate Events

In case of any unfortunate event i.e., Road/ Train/Motor Vehicle accident and also in the cases of Natural disasters i.e., Fire, Landslide, Earthquake, Flood etc. or any kind of injury, you will find us by your side in shortest possible time to take care of your imminent needs arising due to that Emergency.

Be it financial or medical or in case of blood donation we will organize it just like a family member would do it.

Any act of terrorism/Bomb blast etc.will be treated as an extreme emergency and we will respond accordingly.

In any such grave situations we will keep your Family/friends informed(with your permission). Also, we shall rope in the concerned Embassy of yours.

Advance Information:

We will provide you accurate information in case of any sudden developments related to natural disasters, social/political developments i.e., elections, religious ceremonies or any kind of unrest due to any reasons impacting your travel itinerary and suggest alternatives if required.

Tour Guide:

We can support you in hiring government certified tour guides(payable at your end) for city tours or site visits.

We can also support/ advice/guide you regarding travel, transport, sightseeing, hotel bookings.

Shopping Assistance:

We will be happy to suggest best shopping locations for you.

Legal Assistance:

We have some of the best lawyers/Advocates on our penal to deal with any kind of legal issues(additional charges at actuals applicable).


Registration fee is equivalent to US Dollar 89 in all international currencies per person for 30 days from the start of your trip to India.

If you want to extend your stay it will cost you USD 25 per week.


In case of cancellation of your trip a full refund is provided. (Not applicable in case the trip is cut short due to any reason).

You will get the full amount after deduction of Transactional charges levied by the Bank/Payment gateways.

Our Differentiating Factor

Loss of any personal belonging creates panic for one and all. In this event, you will immediately contact the person/agency closest to you e.g. tour operator, hotel staff, guide, etc. The maximum help all of them can offer you advice to inform/visit the nearest police station and lodge a missing report.

No matter what you will have to complete the process as per law of the land to avoid misuse of your articles by anyone as well as to acquire them back. Also, you will be compensated by the insurance company only if there is a police complaint lodge in this regard.

The above process is very time consuming considering formalities involved and creates a high level of stress. Instead of enjoying your trip you are in a state of panic considering all the local activities.

In other situations e.g. accidents, where you are a victim or someone else, become a victim due to your action, police intervention would again be mandatory.
In this situation our differentiating factor is as below:
• Most of our team members are ex-police/legal officials who are well versed with the procedures who can fast-track this process for you and give you timely status based on feedback from police on your behalf.
• Since you are a member of IndiaBlu family we will ensure that you are safe in any situation, your problem areas are addressed diligently by us and you can enjoy your trip and return back to your country peacefully.

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